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Ethereal Wing Pendant

Ethereal Wing Pendant

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Ethereal wing pendant with a sterling silver chain. This piece captures the essence of the forest, showcasing a naturally found genuine dragonfly and delicately sealing its wing into resin.


    • Naturally found dragonfly (Ethically soured)
  • Crystal-Clear Resin (non-toxic)
  • 45cm 18K Gold plated Sterling Silver chain

By handcrafting with nature elements, all our jewelry become one of a kind creations. Each piece is completely unique and cant be replicated. These pendants offer a unique connection to nature.

Rest assured that these creatures, which graced our world with their presence, came to no harm in the creation of these pieces. Our dedication to sustainability and respect for nature means that these wings were ethically sourced, allowing their beauty to be shared with you while preserving the delicate balance of our ecosystems.



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